VERSIFY - Literature in the command line

A sh/awk script for browsing versified text from TSV file (with the fields:BOOK TITLE, SERIES TITLE, VERSE). The script is a rewrite and extension of these repositories: and


The script is split into two files: and versify.awk.

All file with the aditional instructions:


List books and print random series or verse:

./ -l -- list books
./ -s -- random series
./ -v -- random verse
Get up to 12 random words from:
./ -o
Print verses in a reference:
./ [ ...]
  Exampes of a reference:
1:2:1,3,5-10 -- 1st book, 2nd series, verses 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10
/key -- verses containing 'key'
1/key -- verses from the 1st book containing 'key'
*:1:1 -- 1st series, 1st verse of all the books
1-2:1 -- 1st series of books 1 and 2
Interactive mode:
./ -i
./ -h

§ TSV books


• Bible: Greek Septuagint & New TestamentBiblia VulgataKing James Bible

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